How can digital literacy make you a better community organiser?

Whether it’s keeping people up to date with what’s going on, growing your understanding of an area, letting people share stories and experiences, or quickly mobilising large groups of people to act, there are online/digital tools out there that will help you achieve you goals.

What is Digital Organising?

New kinds of online and digital communication tools are having a huge impact on individuals, communities and society as a whole. It can be international and dramatic – propelling a campaign to massive international attention when it ‘goes viral’ like the recent Kony2012 campaign, or in the UK, the impact of the #spartacusreport campaign on the passage of Welfare reform.

But it can be simple and personal – receiving a text to remind you about this evening’s event, or local and connected – using Facebook and online networking to grow community projects by spreading the word, keeping people in touch and giving more people the chance to join in.


Revolutionise the impact you have on your community

Digital tools have revolutionised how society think, communicate and engage but how does this affect you and your community?

The Digital Organisers programme will help you understand how digital tools can have a positive impact on your community as well as how they can help sustain change for the future.

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Recent Blog Posts

Using tweetchats to engage community organisers: Last week one of our Digital Organisers hosted a tweetchat for community organisers and those interested in community organising. The chat, which used the hashtag #cochat, was a roaring success with lots of ideas and advice being shared.

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